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What I'm wearing

After my Simons' flop, I recently picked up three pairs of jegging capris at Costco. I think they were about $16 each. I got them in grey (above), teal (also above), and white. I absolutely love them and have been wearing them like crazy. My favorite of the two outfits is the bottom one. The jean jacket is Mavi and I HIGHLY recommend it. In fact, I recently bought another. Exact same style, different wash. This jacket was recommended by both Deena and Christy, so you really can't go wrong. The scarf is one I picked up this spring (Gap). I heart orange and teal. Last week I mentioned trying to define my signature look and that bottom one pretty much encapsulates it. . .
And here it is again. LOVE this one too. Cardigan and scarf are recent purchases along with the grey tee (Old Navy). Jeans are old (American Eagle) and shoes are old (Nine West). I can't wait to recreate this one!
These. Jeans. (Gap). I can't get enough of them. I wore them to professional development o…

Five on Friday

1.  I am watching things grow with the kids these days. Hugh's Aunt Judy got me started growing romaine lettuce. You just stick the end in some water and watch. I will eventually transplant it to the garden when it has roots. It is amazing how much it has already sprouted up in the week we have had it in water. Calder also brought some beans home that will go in the garden. Two weeks ago the kids and I started beans, pumpkins, and butternut squash. They are growing like mad as well (forgot to get a picture!). 
2.  It has been cold and rainy this week. I am not going to complain about the rain. We desperately needed it, but seriously, did it have to be this cold?  The incessantly cold weather did give me a chance to make some soup. I think soup might be one of my favorite meals to cook from scratch. Night one I made the broth. I always freeze any chicken or turkey bones so I typically have a store for rainy weather. I also had some celery from my mom and dad's garden, which made…

Calder Update

Has Calder ever gotten into sports the last couple of months!?! Below he is at a Rush lacrosse game with Hugh and his buddy Kohen. Calder has been watching baseball, lacrosse, and now the hockey playoffs like crazy. In fact, he has stopped asking to watch any of his "shows". He just wants to watch sports. Oh. . . and add NASCAR to that list. Our boy loves his cars. I don't think that will ever change!

Here is Calder's funniest shark tooth yet. His permanent tooth pushed through in front of his baby tooth!  It was like this for weeks. No gap toothed grin for this boy! Below is the day it fell out!
Calder is doing so well in school. His teacher speaks of what a great student he is. Hearing her say these things actually makes me wish he used a few more manners and a bit more kindness at home! LOL. But, if he is going to be on his best behavior somewhere, I want it to be when we aren't around. Although it was great to hear about Calder's learning successes at pa…

Simons' Follow-up

I purchased almost $700 of clothing online from Simons about a month ago. I was giddy with anticipation.

I got the box and immediately raced to the bedroom to try it all on. . . .

And then I packed it all back up and mailed it back. I didn't score 1 item.

The main item I wanted for the spring was some new colored denim. I actually really like the color of the pink pants I'm wearing above. Like REALLY like it. The problem was the back pockets. They were quite small and I didn't like how my butt looked. That is hilarious to write. Hugh thought I was looney until I showed him my tush in a pair of pants with larger back pockets. He then, much to his own disbelief, agreed with me. As much as I wanted those hot pink pants, I returned them. I also quite like the look of the blouse, but I couldn't move in it. #tight

Last week Deena and the crew at the Blended Blog looked at leggings paired with scarfs. Recently, Deena has got me thinking about my signature look and I feel like…

Five On Friday

I get such a kick out of Lawson. Whenever we empty the dryer, Lawson is sure to find her way to the pile. She loves to carry around socks, but also likes to practice getting dressed. She will try to put any item of clothing over her head to wear as a shirt. She has the best luck with our underwear. Like Mother, like daughter. 3.  I'm pretty sure there were a few women in The Centre bathroom who thought I was looney last week, but this sign bothered me. Does it bother any of you (other than Deena, because I know it bothers her!)?
4. A friend and I took our kids bowling over the break. The kids had a blast. Lawson even snaggled throwing a ball down the lane (more like dropped it and it rolled down the lane that was two over!). They had glow bowling in the afternoon. Teenie bopper music was blasting and the kids were rocking. I should have taken some pictures of us bowling, but quite frankly I was too busy being annoyed at my terrible game! Lol. Seriously, though, it looks like I did …

Boone Update

Every morning when I check out which shoes I am going to wear, Boone needs to try them on as well. Calder used to do this a lot too and has gotten back into the habit since Boone has become interested. I personally think they look pretty cute on him.  Boone is starting to speak so clearly. He is finished with saying things like "momdad" which he used regularly when he wanted both of our attention and now says things like, "This is so delicious, right Mom?" and "I fill Dawsie's bucket." (I totally recommend this book!)  Boone loves to run and play. He is pretty coordinated and fairs pretty well keeping up with Calder. Boone isn't that into mini sticks, so typically Calder lets Boone score one goal before Boone moves on to other things. He has really been into playing with the kitchen and he loves building with LEGO. Boone loves other kids. He will play with anyone and everyone. He continues to show us he is extroverted. I would definitely say his …