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The longest bike ride ever.

We headed out for a bike ride this week after Boone's nap. I didn't check the temperature, but it must have been around 30 and there was no wind. As we headed out, I pictured us hitting the park at the end of our crescent, or maybe the one at the school a few blocks away. My pictured was shattered seconds later when Calder announced, "Right, Mom? We are going on our longest bike ride ever!" Oh. Boy. Lately he has been saying the "Right, Mom?" part before he states what I am supposed to be agreeing with. Cracks me up.

Apparently, I was in for the long haul with the bike ride and it did end up being our longest ride ever. Thankfully, I had packed snacks and water for the boys. Too bad I forgot mine bottle. I may have stollen a couple of sips of Calder's! Calder stopped the ride about 10 minutes in for our first of many impromptu breaks. He had seen some purple flowers in a field and wanted to pick them. As I stood and watched my heart swelled. My babe is …

Boone Update

Boone is a whopping 16 months. As I comb through photos I realize I need to try harder to get some of our little man on his own. Boone is not interested in cooperating for a photo, so he ends up in a lot of group shots!
Note the bruise on Boone's left cheek. Calder tried to pick him up at the pool in Elk Ridge and Boone slipped out of his hands crashing onto a step up into the hot tub. Ouch.

Boone loves to be outside and we can easily turn a day around by planning an outdoor excursion. Boone loves going for bike rides and if we are playing in the front yard, he will often  disappear in the garage only to be found sitting in the Chariot with his bike helmet haphazardly on. He has his dad's complexion and we noticed at the pool this week that he is the only baby his size to look tanned!

Boone was once our easy, happy, go-with-the flow baby. He is now more needy and screamy. He will still cuddle with anyone we know, but he will also hang off our legs for 1/2 an hour in the kitchen…

Calder Update

It has been a while since I blogged, and to get back into the swing of things (hopefully!) I am going to start with some posts that are closet to my heart. You get the update on Calder first!

One of Calder's favourite things to do these days is bike ride. We recently got him a new bike. Hugh was certain the one he had was too small, so he upped the anti - a lot. Calder now has the largest bike of anyone his age or a couple years older on our crescent! His toes just graze the ground when he is sitting down, but he loves it. It goes FAST. This isn't shocking as the circumference of the wheels is almost double that of his old bike. Calder is happy to go for multiple rides a day and when we aren't taring up the town, he will be doing laps around our driveway and our neighbours and taking the odd excursion to the end of our crescent.

Calder still is a great eater. He is becoming more assertive telling us he doesn't like certain foods (like potato salad or tomatoes, for insta…

Tech Thursday

One of my new favourite sites to use at work is called Symballo. It is great to keep track of all of the websites you use. I find it particularly useful for keeping track on the websites I use, but don't use that often. I have a number at work (like my spam folder) that I only use a few times a year. Symballo works a lot better than my memory or harassing my husband for some help!

Each of these little boxes is linked directly to a website. You choose the label, icon, and colour. All you have to do to create one is hit the little list button on the top left and the Add a webmix box pops up. It is also pretty neat, because you can create different boards for different parts of your life. Researching a paper? Set up one for the sites you are using. Can never remember the exact address for your bank account, Pinterest, or favourite bloggers? Create one for your personal stuff! I also like that you can access this from any computer. Book marks are great, but only when you are on your h…

Summer Style Challenge

Day 10 - Stripped tee, coloured shorts, statement earrings, metallic sandals
I love this outfit. I think partly due to the new black shirt (Gap $7) and cheap shorts (Joe Fresh $3). I am wearing a leopard belt from Target as well. Oh, and my new fancy gladiator sandals! I finally found a pair that felt good (Coach - of course. . . . me and my snobby feet). Day 11 - Bright Tee, Printed Shorts, Sneakers, Fedora
I was at the lake and it was ACTUALLY NICE OUT! I threw on a tank (Old Navy) for the first time in 2014. I'm not sure about the colour of this one with the shorts (Gap). I feel like it is too bright. Whatever. I had it with me! I also didn't have my sneakers, but wouldn't have worn them on the beach anyway! Day 12 - Printed Shirt, White Shorts, Metallic Sandals, Statement Earrings This outfit may look familiar. I was supposed to wear it last week, but it rained, so I mixed it up. I didn't have the white shorts, so was pumped to get to officially wear this one out of …