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Odds and Ends from June

At the beginning of June, with the help of a committee I'm on, I organized a street hockey tournament. It was a really great day (I'm obviously biased). There were so many kids and families involved. Other than wishing for a little less wind, I could call the day a complete success. Calder invited a few of his Huskie Prospect teammates to play. It was a fabulous time!  After the event, we headed over to some friends for a bbq. A few of the kids ended up eating their suppers on the trampoline. Lawson kept standing up, so Hugh headed over to lay down the law. Just as he finished saying "You'll get a timeout if you do that again", Lawson held one finger up and said, "one". She then lifted her next two fingers and finished "two, three." Hugh could barely contain himself. Between her sassy attitude and the fact that we had no idea she could even count, let along represent those numbers, Hugh just zipped his lips and chose to walk away before he bur…