Welcome Back

I was apprehensive to return to work.  The biggest reason was that I was concerned how people would react to me.  I felt like I needed my loss to be acknowledged, but in the same breath, I didn't want awkwardness (and it has been my experience that those things go hand-in-hand, so I am not sure how I thought that was going to work).

There were staff that I hadn't had contact with since I left school and when I visualized seeing them for the first time, I had hoped they would greet me with, "I'm sorry for your loss". With a few exceptions, that hasn't happened, but almost everyone on staff has taken a moment to welcome me back.  Those "welcome backs" really and truly feel like, "I'm sorry for your loss."  Everyone knows why I was gone.  It feels like acknowledging my return is, in a way, acknowledging Tripp.  And, even if my co-workers or students want to bring up Tripp, I know it's difficult to find a time that feels appropriate.

A co-worker, Brennan, came into my room near the end of the day and asked how things were going.  He asked in a way that I knew he really wanted to know the truth.  I was honest.  It is good to be back.  More than good.  In fact, I am surprised how good.  It has been a smooth transition for me thanks to many people and I am going to do my best to ride the wave to the end of June.


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