About a month ago, Hugh, Calder and I started giving thanks at supper.  We don't pray in the traditional sense; we just mention something from our day that we are thankful for -- Sort of like Thanksgiving every meal.

For the first 3 weeks, at every meal, EVERY time we asked Calder what he was thankful for, he said, "green" (his favorite color). It seemed like we tried everything to get him to say something else, but it probably didn't help that we laughed every time he said, "green"!  Recently, he has come up with his own things on a couple of occasions.  Once he was thankful for "sandbox" and the other time it was "cars".

I have really enjoyed this.  We get to reflect a bit on our day.  Sometimes it gets us talking about the good parts of our days (which often get overshadowed by the challenging, sad, or maddening parts).  Other times, it is just a wonderful moment in our day that we acknowledge one of the many positives we have in our daily lives.


  1. We do that at night, and once out of the blue James thanked God for his diaper. We laughed, and so of course it got repeated the next day, but it became "my stinky diaper". Then "my stinky socks". It took a good month to get him to stop thanking God for stinky things.

  2. I LOVE this! I think we will incorporate this into our evenings:)

  3. This is also a ritual that The McEwen household does. Not that long ago Duncan replied "toilet paper to wipe my shitty bum".


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