Picnic At The River

I removed the disclaimer from yesterday.  Last night, I kept thinking, why do I feel the need to have a disclaimer?  So, VOILA--It is gone!  Instead I left a little note for anyone who stumbles on my blog and wants to start the journey from the beginning.
* * *
Hugh wasn't able to come home for supper last night, so Calder and I met him down by the river for a picnic in the park.  
Calder sat extremely well at the picnic table and wouldn't even stop eating for a photo!
The boys love to wrestle.

I felt happy at the river.  The 3 of us. Outdoors. Cupcakes. They were from the Cupcake Conspiracy, so  obviously they made the list.
I didn't have to force a smile and I didn't play with Calder because I felt like I should.  It was an hour of, plain and simple, happy.


  1. Beautiful pictures!

    I LOVE the Cupcake Conspiracy! So good!

  2. Aw we were down by the river last night too, with Luke and had ice cream at the double decker bus. Picnics down by the river are the best! I love all your smiles!

  3. You looked like you had a great time at the picnic by the river. Sometimes those are the kind of events that can make a difference to the day. Loved seeing how you were enjoying each others company. Andrea


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