The bottoms of my feet are going numb--in the new running shoes I bought.  I went to The Running Room and got fitted with a pair of Asics shoes about a month ago.  I tried running with them on the treadmill 3 different times and they hurt my feet so bad.  I took them back and they sent me home with a pair of Adidas.  The aren't quite as bad, but they still make them numb.  I tried them twice - the second time with the insoles from my old Asics - still numbness.  I took them back and they wanted me to try another pair, but I am tired of returning shoes and having to run on the treadmill to test them out.  I am sticking with my old ones until it is absolutely necessary.  So annoying.

The good news is I am running!  This week I did 6 minutes of running, two minutes of walking.  Monday is 7 and 2.  I am pretty proud of myself!  I even got Hugh into it last week and I think he is on board for the long haul!


  1. Way to go Jordan! I've had good luck with New Balance from BrainSport.


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