My Happiness Project Week 4

I have been doing a really good job the last 3 weeks of eating right, exercising and getting ready.  I am already feeling like it is a bit unnecessary to circle the days on the calender that I complete those tasks.

The one minute rule is rocking my world.  It is amazing what I get done when I just do it.  It is so brilliant, I can't figure out why I wasn't doing this sooner.  It just seems so obvious!

As an amendment to the one minute rule I have added a folding laundry rule.  Our laundry is in a closet on our main floor right outside our bedroom.  We have a tendency to pull items out of the dryer and leave the remaining pile of clean laundry laying on the floor (sometimes it can lay there until it needs to be washed again). It takes more than a minute to fold laundry, thus the amendment.  It is nice not to trip on clean clothes to get into our bedroom!

The "GET OFF MY BACK LIST" is not going quite as well.  It's just getting longer.  I have only completed 5 of the original 9 items and in the meantime I have added 8 more items.  This week my goal is to improve on this.  I am going to work on completing items near the top of the list and I am going to try to do one item a night.  Tonight, I arranged the books in my bedroom. Check. Some tasks are longer than others, so I am going to try to do the ones that take less than a 1/2 an hour during the weeknights.  I am tired at the end of the day, but if I can commit to a 1/2 an hour for my "GET OFF MY BACK LIST" I will be flying.


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