Down a Driver

Today was the annual Shellbrook Elks Golf Tournament.  Our foursome consisted of me, Hugh, Nate (my sister's boyfriend) and Brittany (my brother's girlfriend).  Jes had to coach and Luke had a stag, so Hugh and I happily took their significant others along!

We parred the course.  In fact, we parred EVERY SINGLE HOLE!  I thought we rocked.

I was hitting my driver amazing.  It is the hugest club I have ever seen.  It's head is bigger than mine! (Seriously, people have actually told me that) On our 12th hole, the boys stayed behind after their tee shots (we were golfing with another foursome, so there were 6 of them) and Brittany and I headed up to our tee off box.  I took my trusty #1 and got comfy.  I took a solid swing and as I connected, I heard Brittany say, "great shot!"  I didn't have a clue where the ball went.  The only thing I saw flying was the giant head of my club.  It soared up in the air and flew 50 yards down the fairway.  I turned around howling, holding the shaft of my club, and Brittany was still in awe of my shot (it actually was very good, especially considering the shape my club was in. . . it went about 100 yards).  It took a few seconds for Brittany to notice my club.  She cracked up and dropped to her knees.  Our gut wrenching laughter brought the boys closer to check out what happened.

After that my game went downhill.  My missing driver severely threw me off!  (Although, it was well worth every laugh)  Now. . . can I get that thing repaired?


  1. HILARIOUS!!! I have never heard of this happening but you must of really cranked that thing!

  2. I had another good laugh again after reading this! I forgot about it until now.
    Too Funny :)


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