I thought I was going to blog about. . .

Before school, I thought I was going to blog about how Hugh's main mission in life is to try to annoy the hell out of me.

Mid morning, I thought I was going to blog about perspective.

This afternoon I thought I was going to blog about Kerri and my excitement/apprehension to see her, Drew and Dylan at Richie Brothers and all of the events that unfolded in the late afternoon.

At supper time I thought I was going to blog about all of the reminders I have of Tripp on a daily basis.

After supper I thought I was going to blog about dancing.  I love dancing with Calder (and tonight Dylan, Chris, and Kerri).

But right now, I want to blog about being sad, because I am sad.  I think back to 4 months ago--at this very moment--I was holding Tripp and feeling his skin and listening to him breathe.

It is so interesting to me the immense love a parent has for a child.  My love for Hugh grew over time, but my love for Calder and Tripp was deep right from the very start.  This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:  All that we love deeply becomes a part of us - Helen Keller. Isn't the first time I posted that quote and won't be the last.

Hugh is gone with the school canoe club for the next couple of nights, so it is just Calder and I.  I have been dreading these couple of days without Hugh, but I survived February, so I certainly can survive the 2 days.  I am strong.  I leave you with some pictures from our day.


  1. Those two boys are so fricken cute! They must love Richie Bros. You are doing a fabulous job, Jordan.

  2. Great pics Jordan,Thanks for taking Dylan to see the mighty mighties...



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