No I Want

Calder has started doing a great job of using the pronoun, "I".  He will say things like, "I do it" or if we ask him "who's truck is this?"  He will respond, "I".  Obviously, Calder is not using it totally correctly, but it is a vast improvement on him talking in third person (for months, he would say things like, "Calder do it" or Calder truck).

With the pronoun, "I", has come a bit of confusion.  Calder has started saying things like, "no, I want milk" and "no, I go in bath".  So I will get him milk, or start the tub.  Screaming then ensues.  "NO I WANT MILK".  I will then hold out the cup of milk and say, "this is milk." This follows with Calder whining, "Nooooo, I want miiiiilk".  Apparently, Calder is meaning, "No, I don't want milk."  He wants water.  UGH.


  1. Just saw Bridesmaids tonight, and there was a movie preview that had a clip about toddlers & comparing them to drug addicts. One minute they're laughing hysterically, the next they're crying and throwing things because they're not getting their way! I definitely laughed out loud at that one!

    And by the way, Bridesmaids is every bit as funny as everyone is saying. You really need to see it if you are in need of a night of laughter.


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