This afternoon was graduation for the grade 12's at my high school.  It was emotional for me (as are most things these days).  My thoughts went to Tripp.  Acknowledgement that graduation is one more experience we won't have with him.

I was also emotion for a few students.  I felt pride for a number of them.  Some for their incredible accomplishments (athletic and academic) and others for just getting there.  

Hugh and I have the unique opportunity to teach some of the same students.  His elementary school is a feeder school for the high school I am at and many of his grade 8's choose the school down the street as the place to finish off their secondary education.  The connection I have with a great number of his students clearly stands out on days like this.  I got teary eyed when I saw a number of students and all but one were in Hugh's grade 8 class of 2007.  This group started at Aden Bowman the same time I did.  Hugh and I have watched them grow up.  Pretty neat. 

I can put into words the love I have for these kids.  These connections.  I still feel very emotional even as I sit here almost an hour after the ceremony ended.  I want to write a little point about a couple dozen kids.  I think that really says something for the impact that they have had on MY life.  

Congratulations graduating class of 2011


  1. So true! Today's a rough day- lots of tears to realize my "chance" is over... :(

    What amazing opportunities you both have to really see kids blossom! :)


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