The Peace Outdoors

A bird just hit my mom and dad's front window.  That happens on a daily basis.  They have picture windows that run from the floor to about 9 feet up.

I just had to run in from outside to post this.  We are heading to the lake for the night and there is no internet there.  It is one of the perks.  No cell coverage and no computer.  It feels good to be cut off from time to time.

I was walking around Mom and Dad's yard with Calder this morning.  He was cutting in and out of the bushes exploring.  I couldn't stop thinking of Tripp and what he and Calder are missing out on.  Tripp is missing out on this, serene, peaceful place where adventures are waiting to happen, and Calder is missing out on having his brother with him to explore and ultimately terrorize that peace.

Being outside feels closer to Tripp.  I am going to lather 50 sunblock on and let the fresh air seep into every one of my pores.


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