It's a Bird, It's a Plane. . .It's a BAT

During period 3 I was standing at the front of the room teaching trig to a small group of grade 11 boys.  All of a sudden my attention was drawn to what I thought was a bird.  I gasped and started pointing, because the boys hadn't noticed it.  As I stared at the bird, I realized it was not a bird I was looking at swooping through my room, it was a BAT.  Upon my realization, I bolted out the door, hollering for the boys to get out of the room.  I didn't want the bat to get out in the hall (not to mention I was petrified and wanted to get as far away from that swooping thing as possible).  If you have seen the episode of Seinfeld where George is at a birthday party and a fire starts in the kitchen, you can imagine what I looked like making a beeline for the door.  I was freaked right out!

I called the caretakers to come and "capture" the bat.  Two showed up.  One with a broom and the other with a badminton racket!  They slowly opened my classroom door and crept in.  Five minutes later they came out with the captured creature sealed in a coffee can.  Phewwwwwwww!


  1. Too funny! However, I would have freaked out had it been me!!!

  2. A few weeks after my mom passed, the kitten she had got my Dad killed a bat in the laundry room at their house! I had been sleeping in the bedroom next door just days before. Bats's like having mice with wings...gross!

  3. That story reminds me of the movie The Great Outdoors. I can't believe they caught it in a coffee can with a broom and a badminton racket!

  4. Bahaha I can totally picture it!!


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