Rainy Friday

In spite of the drab weather and wet conditions, I had a marvelous day.  I got a ton accomplished at work and have been enjoying my evening with Hugh and Calder.

Hugh and I were able to drive in together today (which I love. . . my favorite work days are ones that include Hugh on my drive) and when we got home we ordered pizza and wings. We thought it might be fun to puddle hop with Calder in the rain while we waited for our grub. This spring Calder was obsessed with puddles, but he hasn't been out in the rain to puddle hop yet. Hugh and I gathered up his rain gear, got ourselves bundled up, and headed to M's to pick Calder up.

We got DRENCHED!  It is raining so hard here!

There is a park at the end of our crescent with a huge hill. Calder scaled up it and Hugh and I followed behind.  As we turned to walk down the hill, Hugh grabbed Calder's hand.  Hugh took one step down the grassy hill and wiped out - taking Calder with him!  Calder immediately started crying. The spill scared him the crap out of him (for lack of a better expression)!  Hugh and I did our best to stifle our laughter!  I think Calder might have been better off without Daddy's help!


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