My Happiness Project Week 5

This is the last week of month 1 of my Happiness Project.  As part of exercising to feel good,  I have begun monitoring how many steps I take on a daily basis with a pedometer in hopes to get myself to the 10 000 steps a day level. The idea is that 10 000 steps is about 5 miles (using the average person's stride length) and that for most people in order to get to the 5 mile mark they would have to do 30 - 60 minutes of walking/running per day on top of their daily activities.  Thirty to sixty minutes of activity is the recommended daily amount.

The first day I wore the pedometer was Friday.  It fell off when I got out of the car at home, so I only monitored my steps until approximately 4 pm.  I was at 1500 at that point--FIFTEEN HUNDRED?!?  I couldn't believe it.  I knew I hadn't had an active day, but still, it was pathetic.  We did go for a short walk after school in the rain, but I don't know if I would have even got to the 3000 mark that day.  I completely forgot about it Saturday, but got right back into it Sunday.  I was sure I was going to have no problems getting to 10 000 that day.  Hugh and I went for a run in the morning and I spent a good part of the afternoon in the yard.  When I took a final look at it before bed I was dumbfounded.  9500.  Seriously.  9500.  I began to think the 10 000 mark was impossible.  Today I went for a run as well and worked out in the yard this evening.  As I sit here typing, my pedometer reads 12 196!!!  I made it.  You may be wondering what the difference was between today and yesterday (I know I was).  I am chalking it up to the 1.5 hours of shopping/running around I did after school.  I may need to start shopping on a daily basis to get my step count up!

As I reflect on the first month of my happiness project, I think the best part is the 1 minute rule.  I seriously love it.  Oh, and I guess a bigger theme and ultimately the best part, is that I am working on being a better, happier me.  The one minute rule is a close second, though!

I put the boys to work so I could check "weed garden" off my list!


  1. Do you guys want any rhubarb?

  2. YES!!!! Our rhubarb is crap. It came up and promptly died. I don't know what the heck is wrong with it!


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