I am sick of the rain.

When I posted yesterday morning I was wearing shorts and a tank-top.  The sun was shining and warm.  By the time we got to the lake, I needed jeans and a bunnyhug.  We spent the day outside doing yard work (which I actually don't mind doing if the weather is half decent).  Then, I could barely eat supper on the deck it was so cold (I put a fleece blanked on my legs for added warmth).  We got home today to more cold and rain. We have 3 trees in our yard that are dying.  The leaves on one are entirely yellow and the other two have partially turned yellow.  THEY ARE DROWNING! My garden is pathetic.  I even replanted a number of rows this past Monday, because approximately half of it hadn't even come up.  I have little hope for those seeds.  The garden is a mud pit and I don't doubt the seeds have rotted or will.  This is the second year in a row.  I am sick of it.

I am almost ready for a road trip to the south.  I need some perspective.  People are losing their homes with all the rain and right now my heart seriously hurts that all my plants are dying.  I guess the thing is, watching things grow makes me happy.  I am doing my best to be happy and it seems like the weather is even against me right now.

I looked at the forecast and it looks like the sun is supposed to shine all week.  I hope so!
* * *
My Dad got a new fishing boat.  The boys are in love with it.  I had been prepping Calder the past few days about wearing a life jacket in Grandpa's boat.  We even tried it on a few times at home for him to get used to.  On Saturday, after Calder got up from his nap, I asked him if he wanted to go for a boat ride.  He immediately said, "yes", and headed for the cabin door. As I went to open it he started stumbling over his words.  I could tell he was looking for the right ones.  Finally, he said, ". . . I wear my . . funny. . . suit." Yes, Calder. You do have to wear your green funny suit!

If you are thinking Hugh looks a little dazed in the photo below, it's because he is.  My brother, Luke was waving so furiously that he smoked Hugh in the face!


  1. what a glass jaw he has, and my legs from the knees down are covered with the itch....thanks kip


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