Take That Hugh

I went over to my friend, Kerri's, yesterday morning for a visit.  Her 6 week old son, Drew, is colicky.  The first thing that popped into my mind when she told me this was, I should over to hold him, rock him, and listen to him scream for a few hours so Kerri can get some rest or even get out of the house.  Thats what friends do.  Nope. Not me. Not yet.  As perfect as that offer would have been for Kerri's situation, I knew I couldn't do it.  So today, I did what I thought was the next best thing.  I took her oldest, Dylan, for the morning, so at least that way, if Kerri got a quiet moment with Drew, she could really have a moment to herself. Calder and Dylan played like champs. We were out in the yard all morning and I got a ton of yard work done.  The sandbox and Calder's cars are great playmates.
* * *
This afternoon Calder and I soaked in some sun in Deena's pool.  Ahhhh. . . The only thing that could have made it more perfect would have been if Hugh was there to look after Calder, so I could have just floated with a beer.  Oh, and the other girls husbands needed to be there too, so we could have all floated with beer.  Next time!
* * * 
I am running!  With some encouragement from my sister, Jes, and Deena I have SLOWED down from the snail's pace I was at to an even slower pace and I am now able to run the full 5 km! The first time I did it I wanted a medal.  It is far from pretty and completely exhausting, but I am doing it. Today, Hugh came with me for the first time since I have been running the entire 5 km.  Within the first 5 minutes I looked over and saw Hugh walking (and not even that fast) right beside me.  I wanted to scream.  Instead, I told him to knock it off.  Not a minute later he was doing it again.  I wanted to punch him in the throat, but instead I whipped a bag of dog poop at him and hit him in the gut.  Take that Hugh.


  1. Not to worry, Jordan. I've actually had people that are walking pass me when I'm "running". If you're interested Boehm's has a 5K run in Martensville on Sept. 10th. Details are here: http://www.boehmsphysiotherapy.ca/events-run-for-your-life.php

    And good shot with the dog poo! lol


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