Flowers and Buguidos

These are a couple of perennials in my flower bed that I think are absolutely gorgeous. If you know what they are, please let me know! I know very little about plants and can use all the help I can get. I should have probably taken some shots farther back so you could see the whole plant. Oops!

 Calder has started to really pretend while he plays.  Lately, we have been pretending to be dinosaurs and dragons.  Calder LOVES to roar. Last night at the ball game, Calder was climbing to the top of the bleachers while I watched the game. He asked me to come to the top to look the dragon. I obliged and when I got to the top started pretending to see a dragon flying over the top. Calder promptly said, "no, dragon down here." and pointed to a dragonfly that had landed on one of the seats! Calder knows not to kill dragonflies, because I told him they eat buguidos (a.k.a. mosquitos). Calder is quick to tell the mosquitos, "go away buguidos! Buguidos no bite me."


  1. My guesses on the flowers is a bell flower and then a sweet william.

  2. My guesses on the plants are blue clips bell flower and phlox. Like you said, it's hard to say for sure without seeing the whole plant.

  3. I thought Bellflowers and Phlox too! :)

    I might have to start calling them buguidos from now on too... and emphasize on the BUG part!

  4. first one i think is campunula blue clips and second one a type of phlox maybe. - nice to see you all yesterday even tho not much chance to visit with keeping hawkeyes on miss kinsey!


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