1160 Calories and Shale

There were 1160 calories in mine and Calder's supper tonight. Two cheeseburgers and a large fries from McDonald's.

Calder and I had an amazing day. It was reminiscent of May.  A day packed full of activities with just the two of us. We spent the morning playing in the yard and took off to the park after Calder and I woke from our naps. It was there Calder and I lost track of time and we arrived home just before 5:30 pm. We didn't have time to eat - Just hopped in the van and headed to the ball park. After a quick detour to McDonald's! 

The team I had lined up to play ball with this year is playing in provincials this weekend.  I haven't been to any of their league games - Partly out of sheer disorganization and partly because I didn't know how I would feel about being there. After Tripp died I didn't feel like playing. I didn't want evening and weekend obligations to interfere with my grieving. When I commit to doing something I like to be there and if I can't, I often feel guilty about it.  I didn't want guilt on top of my grief. It was the right choice at the time, but in the same breath, I was afraid if I went I would miss it.

The last few weeks I have intermittently thought about playing ball.  Heidi and Deena have been talking about how great the group of girls are and pouring over details from games. I miss being in the middle of all of that. Today, I missed the shale. I missed ground balls, sliding, bunting. I missed ball.

Although, I would have enjoyed being on the other side of the fence, Calder and I still thoroughly enjoyed all 1160 calories and cheering for the girls.  Next year, I think it will be Hugh sharing McDonald's with Calder while I am wearing my dusted off cleats.


  1. You have no clue how happy you made me with that post! I cannot wait to share the diamond with you again. Ball is not the same without you.

  2. Yay Jordan. Danika and I like watching ball too. Hope to see a few of your games around Danika's schedule next year. Glad you are going to return.

  3. Yes! can I play too?



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