Calder Laughs

Calder's new nickname for me is "mama".  This has been shortened from "big mama", although I do still hear the occasional one of those.

If you are wondering who the new hot couple is ask Calder.  It isn't Brangelina nor is it the long forgotten Bennifer.  Its Bernie.  This is the hottest couple on Sesame Street, Bert and Ernie.  Calder now calls them both that.

Calder is getting ready to join the workforce.  This morning he closed the baby gate and said, "have good day, mama.  Calder workin'" and headed down the stairs.

Calder is loving the lake already.  When I told him earlier in the week that we were going this weekend he starting crying and said, "Noooooo. . . I ready now."

Calder started a load of laundry for me today.  I had his diapers all ready to go and hopped in the shower.  I came out to find it started.  Apparently, the Super Wash cycle is too harsh for Calder's diapers. He had changed it to the Delicate cycle.

We put a pile of Calder's toys away.  They were age appropriate, but just adding to the clutter.  Calder only plays with cars and hockey sticks these days.  Now, instead of the clutter being in our living area upstairs, it is in our storage room.

Apparently, Mack from Cars is embarrassed to take a bowel movement in public.  When I asked Calder where Mack was, he walked over and pointed to a shelf he had pulled out from the wall and drove Mack behind.  Calder then said, "Mack takin' poop back there."


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