I had a date with my friends Deena and Heidi on Wednesday night.  It was FABULOUS.  It is so relaxing to be with them.  Deena said it perfectly in her post.  I could echo all of the things she said, but you should just read it there.  Deena said some really nice things about Heidi and myself, so I want to add that Deena is the most thoughtful person.  She constantly has me in her thoughts trying to think of any possible thing she can say or do to help me.  She is also extremely funny.  I think her humor was the first thing that drew me to her as a friend.  She is so easy to be around.  Deena is comfortable.

These are the connections I am talking about.  I can't help but feel good when I am surrounded by wonderful people.  There are no possessions in this world that make me feel as good as those two did on Wednesday night.


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