Right Where I Am

At the end of May I took part in a project called, Right Where I Am Now, where any parent who had lost a child could write about where we are in our journey. My post is HERE. It was interesting to read the commentaries. So many perspectives and so many journeys. The creator of the project has updated her blog to include all of the authors posts (160 of them) in order of time. I haven't read all of the blogs, yet. In June, I spent a number of nights reading a multitude of posts and thinking about how you don't realize how big the "dead baby club" is until you are in it. It made me really sad and I decided I needed a break from reading them.

I am so happy that Angie at Still Life With Circles has created this project as a permanent fixture on her blog. You will see me at 3 months 6 days. I know I will be visiting sometime in the future to do more reading.

Angie's most recent post on the project led me HERE. One of the contributors compiled a thought from each of the posts into one document. These are some of the statements that I connected with today:

I will be o.k. eventually.
It has aged me.
I wish I didn't have to lose him to realize all this.
I cry because I still can't believe this is my story and I have to carry it with me for the rest of my life.


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