The End of a Deep Breath

I love living close to the city and all of the amenities that go along with it, but the city is fast and most days a bit crazy. The pace is slower in Martensville--MUCH slower and it suits our family.  This weekend Calder and I headed to the lake with my aunt, sister and mom. The pace there is crawling and oh, how I love it. You can't help but feel relaxed. You wake up in the morning to a calm warmth.  The water looks like glass and there is a peace that comes with the quiet.

I felt my body and my soul relax at the lake.  It felt kind of like the end of a deep breath--and instead of having to suck the next breath in, my body and soul stayed at the end of that breath for a long time. 

My friend, Michelle wrote me an email on the weekend and said, "I hope that when you felt a breeze or the sun shining down on your face today & everyday, you felt Tripp. I know I do."  

From the moment out counselor, Brad, forced me to start going outside, I realized that it was there that I felt closest to Tripp.  Outdoors, I find myself tilting my head back, closing my eyes and taking deep, deep breaths, trying to soak in every little part of Tripp.

Soaking in every part of Tripp is always easier when I am soaking in every part of Calder.


  1. That was a great weekend Jordan.
    It was so nice to be able to enjoy time with you and Calder and also your mom and Jes.
    Sharing the relaxation, friendship and laughter is what made the weekend special.
    Love Auntie Pat

  2. Beautiful picture, Jordan! Your smile exudes happiness and peace in that very moment. :-) One deep breath at a time! -Des

  3. Nice to see you smile.

  4. I too was at the beach on the weekend and as I lay there with the sun soaking my body and the water wrinkling my toes, I said to myself, "I am happy". Its been a long time since I said that to myself or had it come into my head or even had the moment to sit back and realize that. I was content, at peace and relaxed. I am going to remember that moment for a very long time. I hope you remember yours for a very long time too. I don't always get those moments and I am glad I was able to receive it!


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