Calder's Swimming Lessons

Hugh and I have put Calder in swimming lessons this week. I am sure there is research out there advocating that parents get their kids involved in activities at a very young age, but Hugh and I believe there is plenty of time for organized sport. So for us, swimming lessons are simply an opportunity for some Mommy-Son time at the pool while Daddy is working (he adjusts crops for hail insurance in the summer). If Calder picks up a few things while we are there, great. If not, who cares! We are in the pool on a daily basis. What is better than that?

Calder is in a group with three 3 year-old girls. Since Calder is only 2, I have to go in the water with him (the 3 year olds go in by themselves). Calder has actually been quite shy and reserved around these three cuties. I am thoroughly enjoying being in the water with him. It is fun to be led through activities and I have learned a few new songs that I am going to start to sing with him when we go to the pool as a family and at the lake in his paddling pool.

The mothers of the 3 girls all have 2nd children. One has a daughter who is about 1.5 years-old, one has a baby who is a couple months old, and the third has a baby about 5 or 6 months old. Monday was Tripp's 5 month birthday. It was hard to see those woman at the pool with their kids. They all knew each other and were sitting together visiting. I felt on the outside. I was thankful to have to go in the pool with Calder. I find it difficult to make small talk with people I don't know, especially with mothers of babies. Some days it is hard enough to talk to the mothers I actually know.

Seeing these woman has again brought up the question, "what do I say when someone asks me if I have other kids?" I still don't have an answer, so we shall see how it plays out. Maybe I won't be asked? Regardless, I am going to do my best to focus on my Mommy-Son time. Motorboat, motorboat go so fast. . . 


  1. Hi there. I've been following your blog for a bit and my heart breaks for you. This week marks 2 years since our baby boy passed away. He is the baby to 3 older brothers. Someone just the other day made a comment about how crazy a person would be to have 4 boys. I know it was a totally innocent comment but it stung! I hate the whole weirdness and people saying they are sorry, so usually I don't explain that yes, we have 4. I make an on the spot decision when people ask questions. I guess it's just a question of how much you want to open up to people vs. feeling like it's none of their business. On the other hand, the more you open up, the more they may open up and all of a sudden you might find out that one of those moms also lost a child. Talk about Tripp as much or as little as you like. You're his mom...he knows you love him either way!

  2. Bren,
    Thank-you so much for posting. I appreciate your perspective. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. I will be thinking of you this week.

  3. Nate and I should lend you our waterproof camera. His swimming lesson pics would be priceless!


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