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I feel heavy today. It could be that gravity has a tighter grasp on me, but it feels more like the atmosphere is a bit heavier and is pushing down on me from above.

Even before I got out of bed I felt heavy. I could have stayed there all day.
* * *
Calder and I had a bit of running around to do in the city and I am so proud of the way he behaved. Calder challenges me almost every minute of the day, but the last two days he has been listening noticeably better. I hope he keeps it up, but I wouldn't put money on it:-)
* * *
Calder's friend, Dylan, came by for a visit this week. Dylan can open doors. I was standing at the sink and the boys headed down the stairs announcing they were going to the basement. I then heard Calder say, "I go for run" and the door opened. I yelled stop, but it was too late. By the time I raced to the top of the stairs all I could see was Dylan closing the door behind him. I bolted down to the front steps and Calder was already at the end of our driveway with my iPod in one hand and the ear buds in the other. When I asked him to come back to the yard, he said, "No, I go for run. Five minutes." And with that, he took off down the street. He got 5 houses down before I stopped him. UGH.

Yesterday same situation only no Dylan and Calder opened the door on his own! He has never opened a door in his life, so I am glad I was paying attention when he decided his first time would be the front one!  This time I raced and was able to catch him at the end of our front lawn. 

We are now dead bolting the front door and are thinking of investing in cleats for our future track star.
* * * 
Even first think in the morning Costco is a zoo and today I wasn't in the mood. Not only did I find myself being envious of everyone with children, I found myself being envious of people with cute flip flops and nicer vehicles than me. I hate it. 
* * *
We have a wedding to go to this weekend and my entire family is invited. I am looking forward to it. The sun is supposed to shine. I can't wait.
* * *
I leave you with some pictures from last weekend. 
 I love the contrast between the color of the sky and the canola.
 I love this one of the boys. Hugh, try not to squint next time. The sun isn't even out.
Family self portrait. Coming home from the lake. No make-up. Haven't showered in a couple days. Totally us. I love it.
What is going on in Calder's crazy little mind?
My favorite shot of Hugh from the day.
You can't really capture the beauty of a flowering canola field with a camera.
It started to rain, so I had my turn in the spotlight about 100 km later. Yes, I am squinting, Hugh. But the sun IS shining.
What is better than this?


  1. You have really nice teeth, Jordan!

  2. That last picture of Calder is absolutely precious! So perfect!

  3. Wow... all of those pictures are amazing!! Frame some!! (or all... ;))


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