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In the paper the other day, next to an article about a woman stabbing her daughter to death (not pertinent, at all, but interesting nonetheless), there was a small ad that said, "Save!" and underneath in smaller print it said, "A Stranger's Mood. Smile."

It was advertising a really neat website that encourages people to do small gestures everyday. Check it out HERE. This fits well with my Happiness Project and The Kindness Project I participated in on Wednesday. There are some good videos of people who have done it.

One of the nice things about this organization is that it not only encourages you to try and brighten a strangers day, it encourages you to brighten family members days as well by doing a chore that isn't normally yours, saying I love you or calling your grandma.

I am buying in. I am going to give out more compliments to strangers it always makes me feel so good when someone compliments me on my outfit or hair. I am also going to try and be better about calling friends and family. It makes me happy to connect with them. I will assume they feel the same way.

I also like the idea of picking up litter in our neighborhood, and I am fortunate enough that Calder has already been teaching me that. In the spring we were at the park and Calder was picking up a discarded slushy cup and I swatted it out of his hands while saying, "yucky!" He then tried to pick up a granola bar wrapper and I said, "no, that's garbage."  A light went off. This is the park we play in. Wouldn't it be nice if there wasn't any litter in it? Calder's hands are going to be dirty whether he picks up garbage or not. We can wash them when we get home (if I remember). I want Calder to care about our world. This is where we will start. I then picked up the few pieces of garbage that were around us and threw them out. It was a good lesson for Calder and a good lesson for me. Can you imagine if everyone picked up one piece of garbage a day how clean our world would be?


  1. Hi Jordan. I stumbled across your blog while checking out the people for good project. I was saddened to hear about your loss.....your precious Tripp - my thoughts go out to your husband and Calder too as this must have been difficult for dad and big brother as well. Find comfort in knowing he is being well taken care of and you will once again find peace. Your family will continue to grow and love - each and everyday.

    I "bought in" too - my husband got me into it actually by paying for the coffee of the person behind him in a drive thru. Not once or twice but almost everytime he hits a drive thru! He often does things like this and now that I have bought in I see why. What a feeling! Doing something nice is contagious...infectious...I'm addicted to it!!! To see the reaction of someone when you have said or done something nice for them....and it is so simple - sometimes all it takes is a smile. Before I go I have to mention that I loved your thought process on 'litter'. YES, it would be WONDERFUL if everyone picked up one piece of litter a day!! When we hit a beach, lake or hiking trail from now on we will be sure to take a bag with us to remove whatever litter we come across (instead of cursing the person that left it and walking away from it). Thank you for the reminder to take part and care about my community. It starts here.....with me - and from there my kids will catch on. I wish you luck with your Happiness Project and wish you the absolute best in moving forward with your life as a mother and wife. Well, I'm off to read more of your blogs and will continue to check in to see how things are going!


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