Little Black Dress

I had a wedding to attend on Friday.  At first I wasn't sure about a Friday wedding, but I LOVED it.  We have 2 this year and because Hugh and I are on holidays it isn't a big deal for us to be there on a Friday and it is so great to have the rest of the weekend for family time.

The big question on my mind this week was "what will I wear?"  I have a dress I wore as a bridesmaid at Hugh's brother Billy's wedding last summer.  I was in terrific shape and it fit me like a glove.  I am in good shape this year, but my abs are still a bit separated from my pregnancy and my belly is hanging slightly over my waistline.  I know a few more sit-ups would have helped this, but I hate doing them!  All week I have debated what to wear and ultimately decided the $200 dress needs to be worn again--gut or no gut.

I have decided not to post a picture. The intent of this blog wasn't to have a bunch of people say, "oh, you look good, Jordan."  The point is that like most women, I don't love every part of my body, but I am doing the best to embrace it regardless. And, if the little black dress highlights that I am a mom, so be it.


  1. I saw you on Friday in your everyday clothes and you know what? You look good, Jordan! Hope you had fun at the wedding.

  2. Ok, I will not be fitting into my dress from Billy and Abby's wedding for many moons. The fact you are fitting into your dress (which looked incredible on you!) is rather awesome! I am sure you looked radiant Jordan!

  3. I saw you at that wedding (sorry, I hope that doesn't creep you out, some strange woman looked at you) and you looked positively miniscule. Like tiny. And I knew it was you and pointed you out to a friend saying "that woman had a baby in February" and she said "Holy shit!" I know you aren't fishing for compliments, but I had to say it.


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