Little Black Dress Part II

Here is a comment from my Little Black Dress post:

I saw you at that wedding (sorry, I hope that doesn't creep you out, some strange woman looked at you) and you looked positively miniscule. Like tiny. And I knew it was you and pointed you out to a friend saying "that woman had a baby in February" and she said "Holy shit!" I know you aren't fishing for compliments, but I had to say it.

This comment was completely flattering and got me thinking.  

     1.  I am way to hard on my body.

Even as I sit here now, I know in my head that I did look nice in that dress, but it hasn’t stopped me from wondering if I should wear it to the wedding I have this weekend.

     2.  I check out women more than I check out men.

The part of the comment in brackets “some strange woman looking at you” made me think about how I viewed other people at the wedding. There were 300 people at the wedding and if I take out the wedding party, children, and grandparents it leaves about 200 people.  Lets say 100 were woman.  I would wager that I could tell you what over ½ of those women were wearing (especially those woman who were around my age).  I knew a handful of woman at the wedding and could tell you numerous details about their outfits, but there are also numerous woman I didn’t know at the wedding whose outfits I could rattle off just about as many details about. 

As I came to this realization, I started to think about how many details I knew about the men at the wedding.  I knew what Hugh was wearing—including his purple shoes, but other than that I can only say “for sure” that the groom was wearing a bow tie. I couldn’t even think of who was wearing ties among the men I knew. I recognized a man in a grey suit from somewhere and spent the entire night staring at him and asking people, “who’s the guy in the grey suit” to try and figure it out how I knew him. I stared and this guy all night and I still don’t have a clue whether he was wearing a tie or not.

Maybe it makes sense that I wasn’t concerned with what other men were wearing.  I am happily married and that isn’t just a line.  The thing is, as I think back to before I was married, I am confident that even “single Jordan” was checking out WAY more girls than guys.  Maybe I was scoping out the competition?Probably not.  More likely I had insecurities, similar to the ones I have now and was sizing myself up against every other female in the building to try and give my confidence a boost.

The good news is that since my “single Jordan” days I have come to see beauty as less of a model on a magazine cover and more about intelligence, kindness, and confidence. And instead of worrying about whether or not my outfit is the nicest, I am amazed at how different woman can pull off so many gorgeous outfits. Nevertheless, if the commenter had left her dress description I probably could have added a detail or at the very least, name that table she was sitting at.

 The newlyweds Crystal and Brock (tie)
 Lisa and Mason (no tie)
 Josh and his mustache (no tie)
Hugh and I (tie)

There you have it.  Two with ties.  Two without.  Who knew?


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