Teachers Rally at Legislature Building

I had a great day gathering with other teachers in the province at the Legislature Building.  It was an amazing experience and I left Regina elevated.  It is an incredible feeling to be connected to something this big.  Teachers are united.  Everyone we talked to feels the same.  We are supporting our bargaining committee and will do whatever it takes to be heard by the government.
 The crew we drove up with.
 Hugh's staff in top right.

 If we strike again, I would encourage all teachers to gather as a group like we did in Regina.  There were pockets of rallies all around the province and I heard the same thing from all involved. . . Being part of a group is an empowering experience.
Notice the students on the right.  They got a hold of an STF poster and changed it.  All the students (except the girl with the sign) were dressed in their track gear and walked with us.

Today, we heard we are headed back to the table on Sunday.  The government better bring more than an additional 0.55%. I am proud to be a teacher.


  1. I so wish I had gone! :) Thank you for the pictures... and for sharing your empowering message! :)

  2. I heard your on strike again on Mon, Tues, Wed ???? Maybe you could drive me back to Regina ....



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