Big Mama

Calder has taken to calling me "big mama".  You may be wondering where the heck he picked this up, but look no further than to Hugh.  Shortly after we got married, Hugh started calling me "big sexy". According to Hugh, I am sexy and the opposite of big, so "big sexy"?!?  Ugh.   When I got pregnant with Calder, "big sexy" turned to "big mama" and Hugh calls me that on a regular basis.  Telling Hugh to stop calling me either of these names, just causes him to use them more. 

A couple of days a go Luke, Hugh, Calder and I were hanging outside after supper.  Luke sat on the bottom of the slide, Hugh sat in a lawn chair, and I perched myself on the back of a Little Tikes play structure. Calder shimmied himself up the small slide on the Little Tikes play structure and came up behind me. He considerately put both hands on my back and said, "'scuse me big mama."  Luke just about fell off of the bottom of the slide he was laughing so hard.

This morning Hugh and Calder were watching some TV while I lay in bed.  Once awake, I smoothly opened our bedroom door and turned into the main bathroom to check the scale.  I had just stepped into the bathroom when I heard Calder hop down from the couch where he was sitting with Hugh and start calling, "big mama wake up.  Big mama wake up."  Oh boy.  I think like Calder's "oh my god"*, "big mama" isn't going anywhere soon.

*I have stopped saying "oh my god", but Calder is using it at least a half a dozen times a day.  Yesterday, for the first time, I told him not to use it (I had previously been ignoring, not wanting to draw any attention to him when he was saying it). He then said it 4 more times.  Have I said, ugh?  I have this new theory that Hugh is saying "oh my god" to Calder behind my back, so Calder will continue to say it and so that Hugh has something to continue to rub in my face.


  1. your photography is getting amazing!
    -Lisa W.


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