Calder's Bedtime PARTY

A couple of days ago, I blogged about the party Calder had in his bed where he tossed EVERYTHING out of his crib, including the fitted sheet.  Last night, he had another party.  When Hugh went in to check on him before we went to bed, he found this. . .  
Keep in mind that when Hugh first went into the room the only light was coming from Calder's night light. At first glance, Calder wasn't in his crib, nor was he on the floor.  After a few seconds for his eyes to adjust to the light, Hugh realized Calder was UNDER the fitted sheet.  Hugh came out from Calder's room in a fit of laughter, calling Luke and I to come and check it out.  

Once we all had a good look and a good laugh, Hugh pulled him out from underneath.  Not only was Calder compressed under the sheet, so were two of his favorite "babies" and one of his blankets.

Today, about 5 minutes after I put Calder down for his nap, I could hear him crying his "I'm hurt" cry.  I went in to see and sure enough he was under the fitted sheet again. This time he was stuck and didn't like it. I pulled him out and announced that I didn't care if he suffocated, I was not coming back in to rescue him from his own silliness.  Party or no party.  He was on his own.

I guess Calder took my message seriously, because I just went in to check on him and found him under the covers (above the fitted sheet) where I had left him before uttering my threat!


  1. Jordan, my friend Kaella told me about your blog and it is beautiful. You have a wonderful way of writing, and your pictures are gorgeous!


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