The Clarkes

In the fall of 2008, I was pregnant with Calder and Hugh decided to play another hockey season with the Shellbrook Elks.  We heard that there was a player who lived in Warman that would be playing in Shellbrook as well and would be interested in driving with us.

Through the Elks, we were introduced to two people, who turned into two of our closest friends, Jordan and Danielle Clarke.

Our friendship with the Clarkes grew quickly as we spent hours driving to and from hockey games together. The more time we spent, the more we realized how much we enjoyed spending time with Jordan and Danielle. Hugh and I have said from the start of our friendship that the four of us are the same. We have the same values and opinions on many important issues (including the all-important parenting) and we all like to do the same kinds of activities. Spending time with the Clarkes is easy.  Even after Calder was born and their son, Jack, last summer, we still find time to hang out for an afternoon and evening at one of our homes.  Sometimes we have a plan to do something, but most times, we just put on our comfy clothes and lay on each other's couches.  I don't like to leave the house without mascara on, but if we are headed to the Clarke's I don't feel the need.  Their house is as comfortable as a close family members.  This isn't surprising, because Jordan, Danielle and Jack have become part of our family.

So, you can imagine my sadness this winter when they told us they were moving back to Rouleau where Jordan's family lives (it is about an hour from Danielle's parents and brother).  I was so glad they told us over the phone, because it would have been hard for them to understand how happy I was through the waterfall of my tears.  I was happy for them and still am.  Danielle is very close with her family and I know that she is thrilled to be moving closer to them. Jordan loves his family too, but I know that he is happiest when Danielle is happiest.  I think Jordan could live wherever as long as Danielle and Jack were there.

We have spent a few hours over at the Clarkes this weekend helping them move (and by "we", I mean Hugh helping and me chatting with Danielle, while Jordan's parents looked after Calder!).  I am sad for my loss, but happy for their gain.  They are going to love their new house so close to their families.

The first time we saw the Clarkes after they announced that they were moving, Jordan authoritatively told us that the Hamiltons and Clarkes were going to go on one trip together every year.  When he told us his plan it felt like a parent laying down the law.  There were to be no questions asked.  We were doing what he said whether we liked it or not.  Unlike a moody teenager, we are happy to do as we were told!

This year we are going to spend some time at my parents cabin with the Clarkes.  We thought with both our boys being so young, it would be nice to do something that was low key.  Laying on couches is our favorite activity together during the winter, so I can see laying on the beach being our favorite during the summer!


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