Saskatoon Teachers Gather

Teachers are on strike.  Do I even need to write that?  It is all over the news, radio, and social networking sites.  This morning a number of Saskatoon Teachers got together and walked along the river.  It was great to feel a sense of community and support from the 100's of teachers from dozens of schools who came out.
 We were at the middle of this particular "pack" of teachers.  We saw other teachers walking on the other side of the river, walking the opposite direction of us and some doing community service by picking garbage.
 A wonderful teacher volunteered to take a picture of us.  We turned Calder around so that he would be in the shot, but she completely cut him out!
You can also check our Hugh and I walking on THIS blog.  Calder's face is blocked by the chariot, so he is still not in the shot!

Tomorrow, Abbey and Billy are going to look after Calder so that Hugh and I can head to the Legislature Building in Regina to show our support of our bargaining committee and the thousands of other teachers in Saskatchewan.


  1. Jordan, I have to say you look wonderful even though you may not always feel it, you do look great!


  2. I hope you gather some public support and that the government takes notice!
    Children are our most valuable resource and they need great teachers just like you two!
    Good Luck.
    Auntie Pat

  3. Jordan - you must be doing well with your training - you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING!

    Hugh - you are looking good too - I guess lol! Great job on the play center for Calder. You have inspired my live in carpenter to build and create for Reid'd 3rd birthday.

    Thank you for heading out to the legislature and for supporting all teachers. I wish I were attending as well.



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