Mother's Day

Today is hard.  I figured it would be, but rather than write about how sad I feel I am going to write about how one little boy makes me happy.

Calder made me a mom and fittingly, this post is about him.

The picture to the right is from mine and Calder's first moments alone together.  Hugh had a playoff game our 3rd night in the hospital.

It will never cease to amazing me how much kids Calder's age learn.  We have seen so much growth from him in the last month.

Calder can recognize over 1/2 the letters of of the alphabet (upper case) and will sing the alphabet unprompted.  When he sings we hear things like "ella minnow pea" and he will skip the occasional group of letters, but he is getting pretty darn good!  He also likes to randomly sing "everybody coming to coconut tree."  This is from the book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  I highly recommend it.  Calder loves it and it has really helped him with his letters.  You can check out the animated version on youtube HERE.

Calder is also vastly improving on his manners.  He will occasionally say please or thank-you without being asked and now when he forgets, often times, a look will be enough of a reminder to get him use one of those magically little words.  We are constantly trying to catch Calder being good and so we frequently praise his manners.  Earlier this week Hugh burped and said, "excuse me."  Calder quickly responded, "good manners, Daddy." I am so glad Calder has decided he should catch Hugh being good. It will save me some work!

Calder is also picking up on other words we say.  Last week while Calder and I were heading into the city for a playdate, he started repeating, "Oh My God" from the back seat.  I had a pretty good idea where he picked up that one, but I didn't say a word and hoped it would be the last time I heard it.  No such luck.  Later that night Calder said it in front of Hugh.  Oops.  I guess I will have to get back to saying, "OMG", instead!  Or maybe that isn't any better?! LOL

Things with mine and Calder's relationship have gotten lots better over the past month.  Hugh is still his #1, but I am not quite as distant a 2nd, as I was before.  Calder has started letting me change his diaper when Hugh is around and doesn't cry anymore when Hugh has to leave the house.  This has made things so much easier on me.

Calder is strong willed, outgoing and sometimes aggressive.  Hugh and I like that Calder has all of these traits, but there is a time and place for each of them and we are having to remind Calder of this on a regular basis.

Calder loves to laugh and wrestle with Hugh.  He loves to play outside and go for bike rides.  I am excited to take him to the lake this summer.  He will LOVE it!

Today, Calder gave me the lovely gift you see above.  It was the perfect Mother's Day gift.  He made it with Hugh's assistance this morning before I was pleasantly awakened by a smooch from each of my boys.

Hugh and Calder were playing outside this morning while I was looking for toys on kijiji.  Calder came inside to give me the beautiful flowers you see above.  These are my first flowers from Calder! It took two trips to bring them all in.  There were carefully carried in his closed fist all the way inside to the table where I was sitting.  After he gave them to me, he reached his head up to mine and gave me a kiss.  I didn't ask Hugh if he told Calder to do this.  It was so perfect; I just don't care!


  1. Jordan

    As much as this day is hard, enjoy every moment with your sweet little boy.

    I'm thinking of you today,

    Lots of love, Brook

  2. Are the strong-willed, energetic, aggressive characteristics features that all children of teachers have? Sounds like Will to a "T"! Now I really want to get our littlem 2-year-old dudes together this summer for some quality play time - I think they'd get along fabulously.

    Happy Mother's Day, Jordan. I'm wishing for more happy moments than sad moments for you today.


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