Yesterday, Hugh and I spent a large portion of our day working in the yard.  It felt good to pick some weeds and put in a few perennials.  Among other things, Hugh sprayed all the weeds in our garden and decided he wants to mix some manure into it.  I found someone on Kijiji last night who will bring manure out to Martensville and he is currently shoveling it out onto our lawn.

Yes, you read that right. . . our LAWN.  Two heaping bobcat shovels full on the grass in our backyard.  We had thought the guy would bring it right into our garden (we have a huge gate wide enough for a truck to fit through), but he couldn't make the angles work to back in.  The man then asked if I had a tarp he could put it on.  After a quick look in the garage, I came up empty handed.  So there is crap on our lawn (sigh).

I feel bad that Hugh is going to have to move all the manure.  He works so hard during the week and has meetings tonight and tomorrow that he has to attend in the evening.  I think I am going to put on some grubby clothes and see how much of it I can move.

Just so you know, this is NOT my thing.

* * * 

1.5 hours later and 24 full wheel barrels -- I am done!  As the bobcat operator who was working in the yard across the back alley said, "your husband owes you a backrub!"  I couldn't agree more.  I also may need someone to look after Calder tomorrow.  Getting out of bed could be a challenge!

Oh, and good thing I needed a water break about a half an hour in.  This is how I found Charles.  
He got that bag from our recycling.  It had been washed out, but apparently he thought it wasn't washed out well enough!


  1. Wait til tomrrow! I could help you out... even though its not really my thing either:P haha!

  2. Remember the first time I met Hugh, the two of you had come to Regina to visit me? Mustard got a bag caught around her neck, raced around my apartment at full tilt and then sardined herself in the window!

  3. LMAO!!! This just made my day:) Seems like something that would happen to us for sure.

  4. I'd say that's a great way to activate your abs, Jordan!


  5. I have a couple of jobs lined up for the summer. Would you be interested in working 8-10 hours a day for minimum wage for a few days off and on in July?



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