Slave Lake

I am shocked at what has happened to Slave Lake.  I knew nothing about it until yesterday afternoon when I popped by my friend, Kerri's, for a quick visit.  At that point, neither of us knew how extensive the damage actually was.  This morning in the paper it said that 1/3 of the town is in ashes.  One-Third.  Seven thousand people live there.  That is more than 2300 people without homes.  It is devastating when one family loses a house to fire.  This is hundreds of families.

Kerri asked me, "what would you grab, if you had to get out quick?"

1.  Computer, external hard drive, back-up drive (these house all our photos and videos)
2.  Calder's baby book and the wedding scrapbook Jes made for Hugh and I
3.  Tripp's bag (his stuff is all in one bag--some stuff I haven't even looked at, let alone sorted through)
4.  Passports & wallets

After that it would depend on time.  I would love to remember to grab our iPhoto books and my blog book along with a garbage bag full of clothes for each of us (I really hate shopping).  Calder would want his "babies" and blankets from his room.  I would love to have my camera and video camera.  If there were time to take a quick walkthrough of the house, I would want to grab my Willow Tree Angels, a couple pictures, and Hugh's World Junior Hockey jersey, pictures, and ring.  After those items, I don't think I could narrow the list down.  I guess the rest feels more replaceable.

I can't imagine how the residents of Slave Lake are feeling.  I felt sick to my stomach this morning when I read the article in the paper.  I have always tried to be empathetic to other people's situations, but since Tripp passed away, it seems like I feel deeper sympathy for those who experience suffering.

I wonder if this is because other people's suffering triggers me to think about my personal suffering.  Or maybe it is because I have a better understanding of what suffering really feels like.

Either way, my thoughts are with all the people affected.  I am so thankful that they are reporting zero injuries.  If you want to read more about it click HERE.


  1. what about grabbing your brother from the basement?

  2. oh, that made me laugh! Just what I needed on a boring Wed am!

    This whole Slave Lake thing really made me proud of our Canadian is no small feat to have zero deaths, let alone injuries. This is not something that they had a lot of warning on. A co-worker of mine lives up there, and he was shopping in Slave Lake the day it happened, and the next day the store was gone. The people in charge were so quick acting, yet calm and organized. But it really does make you think.


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