The Sh*t My Dad Says

As many of you read that title, you are not surprised, just thinking, "I wonder what Lorne said now!"  And, although Jes, Luke and I could write a novel based on my dad's words of wisdom (for example, "drunk girls get pregnant". . . I don't even think I had kissed a boy when he said that one to me), this is the title of Justin Helpern's novel.

I am going to Moose Jaw tonight to spend a evening gossiping and catching up with my dear friend, Courtney.  It is her bachelorette party this weekend.  A number of her friends have rented a cabin and are heading to the lake for the long weekend.  I had planned on going until I realized that Monday is the 23rd and I don't want to be on the road traveling hours by myself that day.  I will feel much more comfortable with my sanctuary close by.  So, I am just heading down for the night and will com home when they take off for the lake.

I am currently burning the audio CD of The Sh*T My Dad Says.  I have listened to audio books in the van before and loved it.  Unfortunately, I find it hard to find good ones to borrow from the library and I just didn't make the time to look.  This audio book cost $10, but most of the ones I was interested in on iTunes cost over $20.  I wanted something light and humorous to keep my mind occupied during the 2 plus hours in the car by myself (Jes is lifting a ride from Regina to Martensville with me).

For now, I am hopping on the treadmill.  I have been doing really well with the Bridge City Boogie program and this is my last run for week 6 (run 4, walk 3).  I have sucked on doing the abs and it shows.  I feel great about my arms and legs, but not my belly.  Maybe I will revisit the abs goal next week!

I will let you know how the novel and my first night post-Tripp without Hugh go on Saturday!


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