A Competitive PartyLite Candle Party II

Calder was sick on Wednesday night (which was the night before my Competitive PartyLite Candle Party). I stayed home with him all day on Thursday. I had a couple of conversations with people about "should I still host the party?", but in the end decided the show must go on. You see this is the 5th time Calder has had the puking flu since the last weekend in November. Hugh and I had not gotten sick any of the previous times. With Calder being sick so much we have gotten so used to it that quite frankly I wasn't phased by it.

As always I washed my hands like crazy the whole time Calder was sick and wiped everything down with warm soapy water. Calder was in bed before any of the guests arrived.

I think you know where I am headed with this. . .

It was 8:30 pm. The Competitive PartyLite Party was in full swing. I thought it might be the 1/2 a glass of wine I had drank that might not be sitting well. Nope. By 9 pm I was puking. Half of my guests were still placing orders. What. A. Nightmare.

Last night's flu was even worse that the flu I had HERE. The only word I can think to describe it is horrific.

At this point I feel like quite the jerk. I was so convinced that Calder's flu was going to be isolated, just like it had been the previous 4 times this winter, that I invited a house full of people over. Oy.

Let me just publicly say to those of you I may have passed this on to:

I am an idiot. I am sorry.

And you can place online orders until Sunday.


  1. :( Sry to hear your night was so rough! Also sorry to hear Calder is sick again! You should try probiotics with him, might give him an added immunity boost. You can get toddler probiotics at most health food stores (Dad's on eight would have it I am sure)

    Hope your party was a success otherwise!!!

  2. :( so sorry to hear that it turned out to be that bad, hope it is done now, get better

  3. Oh no! You poor thing!! I'm so sorry- I hope it's a quick flu? :s Are you better? :s

  4. Hi Jordan,

    Hope you're feeling better. I forgot to drop off a cheque for you today but will make sure I do that tomorrow. Thanks.



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