A Competitive PartyLite Candle Party

My sister-in-law, Abbey, recently decided to become a consultant for PartyLite Candles and she asked me to host her debut party.

I hestitated.

I have NEVER hosted any kind of "party" revolving around selling merchandise. My first fear about the party was that no one would come. My second fear was that people would feel obligated to buy something.

I have gone to these kinds of parties and felt obligated and I was afraid that other people might come because I asked and buy something because they thought they had to. After a bit of thought I realized that  I have grown past those days of feeling obligated. I realized that none of my friends would EVER expect me to buy anything. My friends want me to come to their parties to be the vibrant, humorous, obnoxious person I am.

I emailed Abbey back with, "Yes!" I was pleased that I pushed past the fears, because I really wanted to be able to support Abbey and her new business.

First on my list of "party" things (besides the usual cleaning) was emailing my inner circle to see if they would come. I got a few responses and was pumped. The party was on. Abbey then forwarded me a "Hostess To-Do" list and as I read through I noted that they suggest asking 25 - 30 people. The rule-follower in me clicked in and I started inviting everyone I knew.

Somewhere, within all the emailing, I started to get competitive. I decided to see how many people I could get to come to my party. Then Abbey emailed me a link so that friends could make online purchases and I got a little more competitive. I figure if I am going to host, I am going to REALLY host!

As I write this I am beginning to realize that I might be too competitive to be a salesperson. In the very least would be a VERY pushy salesperson. It is all I can do right now not to email back 2nd and 3rd reminders to people I haven't heard back from!

I went to a CandleLite Party in December and got these. They are my FAVORITE! At Christmas I filled them with ornaments, you can see what they currently are holding, and I can't wait for the spring to try something new. . . I am thinking small succulents? I got them for a steal of a deal because they had an offer on where if you spent $50 you could by anything in the book for 1/2 price.

Back to the party. . . I have decided that I will draw for a dozen votives for anyone who makes a purchase at my party. I thought it might be fun? Who doesn't like to win a prize? And I also decided that I am going to a draw another dozen votives for someone who leaves a comment about the best or worst item they have purchased at a "party" (jewelry, cookware, make-up, etc.). This way everyone wins. Yes. I already told you I am competitive. And I don't believe ANYONE who says that winning doesn't matter. 

If there is something you want to purchase at PartyLite, feel free to get yourself in for the draw by purchasing something through my party online (PartyLite will ship directly to you). And yes I also said I would be a pushy salesperson.


  1. Oh my, you have reached a whole new level of awesome. Now that's the Jordan I love!

  2. Jordan - You are totally awesome!! I so wish that I could be there!!
    Have a great time!

  3. I love that I know another "rule follower!". You know my most recent thoughts on competition... Btw - it's a run day for me. Did you get your runs in this week? Lmao!

  4. worst product ever? I bought some sensuous heating Karma Sutra oil at one of 'those' parties. Later, when the 'time' came to use it, I broke out in a rash and felt like I was on fire:( definitely did not live up to the 'sensual' times it promised. LOL.

    I have the same fears you had about hosting a party. I really want to have an epicure party (because I really think there products are great and everyone uses spices!), but I am too scared to actually sign up to do it:(

  5. *their* products. lol. I do know my their, there, and they're!

  6. At one time I think I had 4 melon ballers - because it was the cheapest thing you could get at a tupperware party. It was good stuff, but expensive, and I was more the "empty margarine container" type.

    When's the order deadline for your party?

  7. Hi Jordan,
    I have many bad items that I do not use from parties, but the worst item was from one of "those" parties as well... It is the 'bath bubbles' which are kind of like the sensual dice that are supposed to give you ideas of what to do with your partner in the bath tub, but the ideas are in about 20 seperate plastic 'bubbles'... You know the ones that the little toys come in from the vending machines that every time you passed them as a kid you would ask your mom if you could get one and she ALWAYS said NO (cuz more often than not they were filled with cheap crap). I dont even like to bath that much and up until last month, did not even have a tub that was big enough for two ppl to fit in.

    I have had them sitting in a drawer for over 5 years but am too embarassed to sell them in a garage sale, and feel that they are too good (for SOMEONE?!?) to just throw away.

    Does anyone want some bubbles?


  8. I LOVE these stories! Hilarious!

    Party deadline is Sunday night! Happy shopping!


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