Set The Timer

I had zero time to blog yesterday. Final exams started today at my high school and I had a number of final exams to prep for new courses. I am taking a quick break from my marking to sign in here! I am setting the timer for 10 minutes. Here we go.

I hate throwing stuff out, but I am not a pack rat. I have no problem purging our belongings to donate, but if the item I have is not appropriate for the Salvation Army, I will choose to keep it.

Case 1: I got a bunch of new socks for Christmas. So many, in fact, that I don't have enough room in my sock drawer. I went to throw a few of the older pairs out and I couldn't do it. The Salvation Army doesn't want my faded, stained sweat socks, but they don't have holes, therefore still had some serious wear left. What did I do? I jammed the new pairs in with the old mix. I can barely close the drawer, but my conscious was seriously eased.  Last year I actually gave a bunch of the new ones away so I didn't have to "waste" any socks! lol

Case 2. I have this face wash. It is Burt's Bee brand. I absolutely love their lip glosses, but after a month of using their face wash I found my skin broke out less when I didn't wash it at all. This left most of the large tube unused on my shelf. It has been sitting there for about 8 months. This morning I considered throwing it out, but I just couldn't. There was even a moment that I tried to convince myself that the Salvation Army WOULD take it. That moment followed with a moment of making my Facebook status, "If anyone wants some Burt's Bees face wash message me. My skin broke out, but yours might not."


  1. I would totally take the face wash...I actually just ran out of Kibio and the closest place I can get some is Calgary:( That said, it is a long drive to come pick up face wash from you too!lol. So hopefully you find someone else who wants to take it off your hands.

    Use the old socks for cleaning (dusting, washing sinks and toilets, etc). We have a sock monster at our house so old socks are rarely a problem.

  2. Check with the Bridge on 20th - they are always looking for toiletries. Not sure if they accept slightly used.


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