I did not leave the house this weekend. . . nor did I shower.

It was one of those weekends for me. I was exhausted from our busy Christmas holiday and so when there wasn't a reason to leave the house the weekend, I took advantage. Well, I guess we did need groceries, but I sent Hugh and Calder out for those!

Hugh and I have always loved to spend entire days at home. It can be so rejuvenating to piddle around the kitchen, read a book, drink coffee, and catch a Disney movie. This weekend Calder joined Hugh and I in this love. Hugh offered to take Calder swimming on Sunday, but he turned it down. Calder's words, "No. I just stay at home, please." So in order to stay close to home, we threw together a playful game of street hockey on our driveway with the 2 kids from next door.

There is something about Home. Our house contains all of our stuff and although there is definitely comfort found in the quilt my Grandma Jenny made and Tripp's candle flickering on our hutch, it is the people in our house, those relationships, that give us the most comfort. If I had to make a list of the people I want to spend an entire weekend with Hugh and Calder would be at the top. I genuinely enjoy spending time with Hugh. He is my best friend.  And where would I be without Calder's tight hugs, intense hockey playing, and sense of humor (you have a butt on your face? WHAT? fit of laughter You have a butt on your elbow? WHAT? even more laughter)

Saturday we found ourselves host to Hugh's mom, our sister-in-law, Abbey, and her two kids, Maddy and Pace. Sunday my mom came into the city and brought our dog, Cleo (Cleo was being dog sat while we were galavanting at Christmas).

Being at home is comforting because of the relationships flourish under our roof. I can't think of a better way to spend my weekend than surrounded by people I love.

I can't lie. Wearing my pajamas for 2 days straight was pretty darn good too!


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend!
    Love Auntie Pat


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