Blue Monday

I can honestly say that although I am WAY behind at work and didn't get home last night until well after 7 pm, Monday, January 23 was NOT the most depressing day of the year for me.

According to psychologist Cliff Arnall, yesterday was the most depressing day of 2012 and he used a math formula to figure it out, so it must be true. I can understand that the cold and post-holiday let down may be factors, but I was actually delighted to drive to work surrounded by clean crisp white snow this morning. It could have been a bit warmer, but at this point I was so happy for snow I let it slide!

If you want to read more about Blue Monday check out CTV's article HERE. If you want to see the most outrageous picture of a raccoon and kitten scroll to the bottom of THIS Blue Monday article.

Happy Tuesday!

Update: Apparently, as Hugh informed me while I was putting on my make-up, yesterday was Jan. 16. Oops. I had Blue Monday right, just not the date!


  1. Is not Monday January 23rd in 6 days from now??? So could it not still be the most depressing day of the year? Unless I missed a whole week, I think it was only the 16th yesterday;)

  2. and I just saw the fine print now...whoops.

  3. At least you knew what the date was yesterday, Kelly! I was clueless!


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