World Junior Hockey

Yesterday did not go the way I planned. First Calder only got 7 hours of sleep (vs his regular 12). A afternoon nap wasn't in the plans which was completely fine, because it was going to be an early night. That is, until we were given a ticket to join Hugh at the Russia Czech World Jr. game.

This post was supposed to be about the great time we had yesterday in Calgary with my cousin, Matt, and his wife, but last night was late and I was to tired and drained to write anything worth reading.

Fast forward to this morning. Calder again only slept for 7 hours and was up for a substantial amount of time during the night. I, therefore got even less sleep! Oi. The post about the great time with Matt and Katie is getting postponed once again!

Hugh, Calder and I drove to Calgary January 1st. Hugh played World Jr. Hockey in 1997 (they won GOLD!) and Hockey Canada invited all alumni to join them in Calgary to celebrate 30 years of World Junior Hockey.

Hockey Canada has been treating Hugh (and us) incredibly well. The only thing that would improve this experience if our son got a bit more sleep! Hugh has been busy with engagements so Calder and I have been spending some quality time together!

Hugh has some free time today, so the 3 of us have planned an adventure. Hugh has to be back in the afternoon to leave for supper and the hockey game, so hopefully Calder and I can catch a nap and an early bed! If all this happens I hope to write a super duper post of our adventures tonight!


  1. Just saw Hugh!!!!! Nate and I spotted him while watching the game!


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