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I cannot get enough of the song Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. If you were going to Costco yesterday around 5:25 pm, you may have seen me rocking out in our mini-van. The factor speakers were maxed out and I was dancing from the waist up. The only words I know are part of the chorus, but yesterday you would have seen me singing. Every. Single. One. It is one of those songs that makes me happy. And hey, Justin Bieber has put his stamp of approval on it. So really, what more do you need?

I heard about a song that went viral on the radio yesterday (this was before my karaoke party). I checked it out and it is pretty cool. Five people playing one guitar. They covered a song called Somebody That I Used to Know.

I have really started to enjoy Pinterest. It is a website that allows you to save links to different sites and organize those links on different boards. I often bookmark pages when I am looking for recipes or ideas for stuff around my house. This site allows me to save them all in one place. You are also able to see what your friends are pinning and repinning. I have yet to pin something myself, but am enjoying surfing around and repinning! You can cruise around without having your own boards. If this makes no sense, I'm sorry. You will just have to check it out! If you want an invite, just leave me an email address and I will send you one.

One of the links I found on Pinterest was a list of chores for young kids. We really want Calder to learn responsibility and we also want him to feel pride when he completes tasks. This list was a good starting point. He already does some of the things on the list, like helping to clear the table, picking up his toys, and helping to put laundry away, but there were a few on good ones on there that I hadn't thought of!

If you have anything that has captured your attention this week, leave a link!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Bahahahahaha I love that song too. Was serenading Bart last night at supper!

  2. Thanks for the link to the chores list - I am adding baseboards to Will's list! He already does the others. :)

  3. Have you ever seen the video for Call Me Maybe? It has a cute ending.



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