I have been dreading AND looking forward to 2012.

I am sad to leave 2011. It was Tripp's year.

n the same breath, I am glad to be further away from the initial heartbreak.

2012 marks the first year I was scared to enter. Hugh and I have given ourselves until now to decide whether to try to expand our family or to paint our new picture of raising one child. It is the biggest decision of our lives and feels a bit daunting. We have been gathering information to help guide our decision since we had Tripp and now need to put it altogether and come to a conclusion. Moving forward and big decisions have always been scary for me. But this is just ONE part of 2012 and I need to continue to remind myself of that.

We have many exciting adventures in store for 2012. Travel and smoothering Calder with oodles of attention are top on our list.

I hope that even in if you have some scary moments in store for 2012 that you also make connections with people and laugh.

More about our first adventure of 2012 tomorrow.


  1. Oh, how I hold you in my heart right now. I wish my heart could just talk to your heart... because my brain sure isn't picking up on the right words... ;)

    Many wishes for clarity, for strength and for peace as you make those decisions. And all kinds of decisions- big, small, daunting, and fun. <3

  2. Thanks, Dani. My brain isn't coming up with words right now either! I like the word peace. That is a good thought.


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