Calder LOVES anything that has a motor in it. Cars. Trucks. Quads. Semis. Front-end Loaders. You get the picture. For Calder, the bigger they are the better.

At Christmas when we were on our way to Fernie for some skiing and snowboarding, Calder was awe-struck by the "mighty machine" we saw off the highway. Sparwood, BC is home of the World's Biggest Truck. . . Almost (this is exactly what the website says, but I can't seem to figure out where a bigger one would be:-). This truck was used in a mine for 13 years before it was retired and restored. It looks big in the picture, but in person is is dauntingly big!
Calder's birthday is coming up in March. I know the gift that would elicit the biggest smile would be Matchbox cars. They are his absolute favorite. We could honestly spend $10 and he would be over-the-top. And although I have no problem spending a mere $10 on his birthday present, Calder has well over 100 "dinky" cars and is probably starting to push the 150 mark. Five more cars will just get lost in the mix.

So instead of cars I am thinking of getting this picture blown up into a poster for his bedroom wall. He loves looking at pictures of himself and he loves mighty machines.  I figure a picture of him standing with the World's Largest Truck. . . Almost, might make Calder that "over-the-top" happy.

Who am I kidding? As great an idea as the poster is I know that come his birthday, it will get immediately tossed to the side. If we want that "over-the-top" happy, we better have some Matchbox cars waiting at the bottom of the gift bag!


  1. Oh, but it is such a good idea! :) :) Does he already have some green ... big truck (whatever kind of mine truck that is..) that would match? :)

  2. Ha! We drive by that truck all the time on the way to and from my sister's house (she lives in Crowsnest Pass). It does not look so big from the highway, but with you guys standing next to it, it is kind of Still, the trucks they use in the tar sands are actually quite a bit bigger.

    I think the poster is a great idea, though I would caution that you get it on matte board...or it won't be long before it gets torn!


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