My Happiness Project

Holidays are great, but I was so busy reading, visiting, and filling my face that I got absolutely nothing done. I didn't check one thing off my list. In fact, I didn't even bother trying to make a list.

Thursday, I got stuff done. Not only did I make a list, I starting checking things off. Some of the stuff I have been procrastinating for months. Felt good.

I also worked a bit on My Happiness Project. I am going to try and focus on making connections for my New Year's resolution. Although I don't write a lot about my project I am constantly thinking about it and I am frequently organizing stuff in our house, using the 1 min rule, and checking things off my "GET OFF MY BACK" list (unless of course it's Christmas Holidays). My New Year's resolution of making connections seems to fit well with my project. People make me happy and as I learned in The Five Regrets Of The Dying, it all comes down to love and relationships.

I also have done some thought on what I am going to do for a social action project. I have an idea. It will probably be months until I have a project, but I am happy that I have started the process. I loved those Mother Teresa quotes. Inspired by her, I plan to start out small and keep the project close to home. I have written it my Happiness Project book and will be thinking about it until I can figure out a way to make it happen.

Promote some world peace this weekend by giving a couple extra hugs!


  1. Thank you for spreading your joy to my mailbox. LOVED the photopostcard! :)

    And thanks for the Happiness Project inspiration. I may use a gift card to buy this seemingly fabulous book! :)


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