Why Are You Naked?

Calder loves to look at pictures on the computer. Or maybe he just loves to look at pictures of himself! Either way, we were looking through my profile pictures on Facebook this weekend and as we scrolled through we got to the "pre-Calder" era. As I flipped to each new photo, he would ask, "where's Calder?". I would tell him it was before he was born, but he couldn't quite grasp that there was life before March 8, 2009.

Here is my favourite "pre-Calder" picture from Facebook. It was taken at the Country North Show in Prince Albert one week before we had Calder. People kept staring at me. At the time I thought it was because I must look fat. I was an idiot. Much more likely they were thinking "how the heck is that pregnant girl out so late dancing up a storm?!?!  IMPRESSIVE!!!"

I thought I would add a picture of my belly from that night. The photo above I barely look pregnant.  In fact if it weren't for my bust-line, I would have even thought that I was just a bit bloated when the photo was taken - possibly from something as simple as eating a half a pan of lasagne for supper. Oh wait, the half a pan of lasagne wasn't eaten in March 2009. It was eaten tonight. Sigh.


As Calder and I continued on our journey through Facebook photos, we took a long pause at the picture below. Instead of saying, "where's Calder?", the first words out of his mouth were,

"Why are you naked."

"I'm not naked, I have a strapless dress on."


"Right here." As I point to a spot below where the photo cuts off.


"Well, you can't actually see it, but it is right here." I again point to the spot where the photo cuts off.




"Actually, I was naked."

"Okay. . . more pictures please, Mama."

And with that we were moving on. Not another thought given to his mother being naked at a wedding.

I guess at this point, I will apologize to Hugh's cousin, Megan for being naked at her wedding. I'm sorry. I probably ruined your day.


  1. This was a great morning giggle for me this morning! Thanks Jordan!

    P.S. Calder cracks me up ;)

  2. This is so FUNNY!!! and absolutely interesting from a child development perspective. OMG. "Why were you naked?" LOL.

  3. hahaha, so cute :)! p.s. nothing like stealing my thunder on my big day and all with being naked and all, lol!!


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