Bad Start

Our holiday starting off with a BANG.  Hugh and I left Leask (where his parents live) on the morning of the 20th hoping to drive at least 1/2 of the 1200 km to Rapid City, SD where my brother, Luke, lives.  We had spent the previous night at Hugh's hockey teams "Sweater Party" Caberet.  We felt a bit queazy in the morning, but chalked it up to one beer to many (I was a bit depressed at this point, only having drank 4 beer all night).

By the time we got to Martensville, I was on our bathroom floor moaning. This was not a hangover.  I don't know if a dozen beer could cause the pain I was in.  Hugh and I decided to plow on, but by the time we made it to Saskatoon, we were already questioning the decision.  We stopped for a gatorade, thinking the elecrolytes would save the day.  Hugh went in to grab them and in the 2 minutes he was gone, I decided we should turn back home.  Hugh hopped in the van with a skip in his step and gave me a "suck it up buttercup" (those were his exact words).  I thought, yes...suck it up.  You are hung over. I was still denying that I had the flu.  I stopped denying it just south of Hanley, when Hugh had to pull our van over incredibly fast for me to puke up the tang I drank for breakfast.  Feeling like gold when I got myself back in the van, I took over driving.  Hugh's chipper attitude was gone and he felt like death warmed over (whatever that feels like).  I was able to make it most of the way to Regina, while Hugh napped.  So much for sucking it up, buttercup.

We had given my sister, Jes, who lives in Regina, a call to see if she could look after Calder while we had some shut-eye at her house.  She agreed and took Calder to a friends house, where he had a marvelous time.

After our rest, we stopped at Tim Horton's for some chicken broth and made our way to Weyburn.  Those 4 hours in the vehicle were a few of the most painful hours of my life.  It SUCKED.  We had a good nights rest in Weyburn and made our way to Rapid City the next day.

Unfortunately, we passed the flu on to Hugh's mom before we left , Jes, her boyfriend, Nathan, and I am sure countless others, we aren't even aware of. We are blaming Calder.  He gave it to us.


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